In the Conveyancers Act 2006 the definition of conveyancing work is legal work carried out in connection with any transaction that creates, varies, transfers, conveys or extinguishes a legal or equitable interest in any real or personal property.

For example:

• sale or purchase of a freehold interest in land
• creation, sale or assignment of a leasehold interest in land
• the grant of a mortgage or other charge
• sale or purchase of a dwelling, vacant land including house or land packages 
• sale or purchase of a business and associated work such as the sale of goodwill, stock-in-trade and the transfer of any business licence
• Plans of Subdivision and Consolidation

Conveyancing is also legal work in  preparing any documents (eg. agreement, conveyance, transfer, lease or mortgage) necessary to effect any of the aforementioned transactions. In association with this work, it provides for giving advice on the preparation, perusal, exchange or registration of documents that are consequential or ancillary to a transaction and prescribed by the regulations as constituting conveyancing work for the purposes of the Conveyancers Act 2006.