There are a number of matters on which our practice cannot advise you on.  Therefore we recommend that you make your own enquiries in relation to the following:


Purchasers must satisfy themselves that what they are getting is what they are buying. Hence the saying "Caveat Emptor" known as "Buyer Beware".  We therefore recommend you satisfy yourself that everything is in order, particularly any electrical, plumbing and building requirements.  If you have any doubts, you should reain the services of an expert.  The Royal Australian Institute of Architects provide a home inspection service at a modest fee (please consult your Yellow Pages under Buliding Inspection Services or Architects).  It is also adviseable to have a pest inspection report done.

Survey of the Land

It is important you establish the measurements of the property are the same as the measurements specified on the Title Plan.  This is important as whilst you will pay for the full value for the land disclosed on the Title Plan in the Contract of Sale, you may actually obtain less land in terms of physical dimensions when inspecting the property in person.

Please note that our examination of the Title does not enable us to assist you in this regard.

Furthermore most Contracts of Sale provide in the event the actual measurements of the property are not the same as those specified in the Title Plan, you are unable to make a claim against the Vendor.

Easements & Covenants

It is desirable to check for the existence of any easement not registered on Title. These may be disclosed by, for example, the presence of a defined path or track, a drain through or over a property, overhanging eaves or spouting on any adjoining building, a wall shared in common with an adjoining building, a gate or opening in a boundary fence, or windows or other openings in a wall of an adjoining building on or near the property boundary.