Despite our best efforts as your Conveyancer, there are some matters that go beyond the extent of our enquiries and professional opinion. Therefore, there are a range of possible risks that you could find yourself exposed to during and after the conveyancing process that may cause you loss, damage or affect your ownership. 

Protecting your ownership is as crucial as protecting your home and contents from physical loss and damage and hence, we recommend you consider Title Insurance.  A Title Insurance Policy will protect your ownership and use of the property by guarding you against certain unknowns and hidden risks which may exist at the time of your purchase.  This cover together with our professional advice and service, will provide you with the most effective strategy for managing your exposure to potential risks during the conveyancing process and the term of your ownership.

Title Insurance is no fault protection with a one time premium policy from as little as $300.00 that lasts for the duration that you own your home and even better, when making a claim there is no excess applicable. Examples of how Title Insurance can protect you are:

  • Shortly after settlement the insured received a rather nasty surprise from their local Council in the form of an outstanding payment pursuant to a special charge.  Prior to settlement the Council did not disclose the existence of a special charge, which totalled more than $15,000.00 and the insured (and their conveyancer) had no idea it even existed.  On acceptance of the claim, First Title immediately contacted the Council and made payment in full of the outstanding special charge before further interest was accrued.

  • Shortly after settlement, the insured made an application to the local Council to extend their rear deck.  The Council rejected the application on the basis the rear deck was without approval prior to settlement.  Everyone seemed to be foiled but the Council, who issued a demolition order.  On acceptance of the claim, the insured engaged an appropriately licensed contractor who demolished the deck in compliance with the demolition order.  On acceptance of the claim, First Title engaged an appropriately licensed contractor who demolished the deck in compliance with the demolition order.

There are two main providers for Title Insurance being First Title ( and Stewarts Title Limited (  Please visit their websites to learn more about the policy they offer and a list of different scenarios where this insurance has been crucial.

Ballarat & District Mobile Conveyancing recommend you take advantage of this protection which helps you manage your risk.

Please note that we recommend this product to you on an independent basis and we do not receive commission or other benefits from the Insurance Provider.