Victoria has just announced VOI requirements for all conveyancing transactions (including paper based) – to be introduced in the near future.  It was to commence in full action on 1 July 2015 however has been postponed at this stage.   We suggest you familiarise yourself with the requirements of VOI as it will be mandatory for all transactions in the very near future.

VOI will be a required process to all conveyancing transactions whereby you must be identified by an authorised Agent.  You will need to provide a number of documents to correctly identify yourself which information is then digitally uploaded via the net and you are given a reference key.  You then complete a face-to-face meeting for the authorised Agent to view your original documents and verify they are true.

Australia Post have over 1,500 locations that can complete VOI on your behalf.  Otherwise we recommend IDSecure who have the option of coming to you at any designated location.  In the near future there will also be the option of attending Balben's office to complete VOI as we will also be an agent of IDSecure.

There is a detailed 'frequently asked questions' page on our website that you can view here which should answer all of your questions.